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Are you representing yourself in a divorce or custody action?  Are you confused by the process?  Do you just wish someone else could handle the preparation of the paperwork?  We can still help you.

Though you can represent yourself, you might not know the first thing about the court process, what you need to do, and what you need in your final agreement. If you want to make sure that the appropriate language is in the agreement, then we can help. 

Attorney Nath can draft all of the necessary paperwork to help get your action started and she can act as a scrivener to get your agreement in written form covering the areas that are required to finalize your case.  Please email or call to find out more information.


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When you speak with our attorneys and staff, everything you tell us about your case is confidential. However, we do not represent you (in court or otherwise) unless and until a retainer agreement is signed by both you and us, and a retainer is received. Nothing in this website should be taken to create an attorney-client relationship. We may offer any person a no-obligation initial consultation. This in no way obligates us to represent you, or to answer any specific questions. We reserve the right to deny a consultation to anybody, for any reason.