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Could not ask for better representation.

After unsuccessfully finding someone I was comfortable with to handle my own divorce, Michele was glowingly recommended to me by a family member who had previously had a consultation with her during her divorce but ultimately settled through mediation. From the very first phone call with Michele I felt comfortable with her. She was very patient and knowledgeable when explaining things to me and answered each question I had very thoroughly and thoughtfully. She laid out what to expect during each step of the upcoming process and was bluntly honest about all possible outcomes, whether positive or negative. Up until that point, I was like a ship without a rudder and had no idea what I needed to do to even initiate a divorce, let alone get through a messy one. In Michele. I had finally found the person I trusted enough to navigate me through one of the toughest times of my life. Over the next year, Michelle and I were constantly in contact about what was going on, I never felt at any point like I was out of the loop on anything. COVID restrictions slowed things way down and made things tougher, so much so that we were never able to meet in person and every function of the court was ground to a halt and forced to go virtual. We still got a game plan together that worked very well for the unique situation we found ourselves in. Michele made the whole process not only bearable but relatively easy, all things considered. In the end, we persevered through it and got to an outcome that worked in everyone's best interests. If you're having a hard time picking someone to help get you through a divorce, I don't think you could possibly find better representation than Michele. Without her, I don't feel like I would have made it to the end of this with my sanity and future as well preserved as it is. She's a lifesaver.

– M.A


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